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We work in marble, granite, slate, bronze and quartz to design our monuments. Choose an upright monument as the most common form with a tablet and base. Slant markers with the front sloping back at a 45-degree angle are great to display the life accomplishments of the deceased. You can also get a flat marker, which is more subtle. Bronze memorials are a timeless option cast from bronze and mounted on a granite or cement base.

Find the perfect monument or memorial

You have many other types of granite options available. For your convenience, we would be happy to visit you at your home.

- Pet memorials

- Lawn crypts

- Slate ledges

- Benches (granite)

- Mausoleum with optional

  stained  glass windows and

  bronze door

Consider other options for memorials

- Imperial grey

- Blue pearl

- Imperial pink

- Impala black

- India red

- Barre

- North American pink

- Canadian pink

- Paridiso

- Multi-color red

- Black supreme

- Bahamas blue

- Tropical green

Granite selection

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Varieties of stones